5 Ways to Combat Dry Skin Caused by Diabetes

combat dry skin diabetesThere are many symptoms caused by diabetes that people often don’t talk about.  Unfortunately, one of these side effects is having very dry skin.  Dry skin can leave you itchy and uncomfortable and prone to cracks, cuts, scabs, and infections.  Luckily, there are easy ways to combat severe dry skin!

1) Drink Plenty of Water

Skin is the body’s largest organ, staying hydrated is important not only for your internal health but is essential to your skin as well. Making sure to get in eight glasses of water each day is essential to maintaining healthy blood sugars and keeping your body hydrated.

In our free 21 Day Challenge, week 1 is all about getting enough water in! If you need some guidance to make sure you stay hydrated, you can join the challenge here.

2) Keep Blood Glucose Levels in Check

While drinking water is important, it is just as important to cut out foods and drinks that raise blood sugar levels. Eliminating sugary foods, drinks, and carbs is essential to healthy blood sugar levels. Achieving homeostasis with your blood sugar will help keep skin nourished and hydrated.

3) Moisturize!

While drinking extra water will aid in keeping skin healthy, it is always a good idea to use topical moisturizers to give skin added nutrition! Choose for a moisturizer that is free from harsh chemicals that could further irritate skin. Look for a lotion specifically designed to treat diabetic skin, these usually have soothing additives such as chamomile, oatmeal or milk (like our Smart Diabetes Oatmeal & Goats Milk Lotion!)

Our lotion is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, is lightly scented and non-greasy. Ground oatmeal helps to protect skin while chamomile extract, lanolin, and goats milk moisturize and nourish tired and itchy dried skin.  Apply a thin layer of lotion after getting out of the shower to allow your body to soak up as much moisture as possible!

4) Clothes Matter

When your skin is dry and scratchy, make sure you choose clothes that are not restrictive or made of irritating material (such as wool).

Look for clothes that do not create pressure points. Pressure points, especially in areas of low-sensitivity such as your feet, can cause dry skin to become irritated and crack.  These areas tend to take longer to heal and leave you open to potential infection and disease.

When the winter months roll in and your skin is especially dry or sensitive, make sure to choose clothes that are soft and gentle on skin.

5) Don’t over-bathe

Most people wouldn’t think that being too clean could cause problems, however when you have very dry skin, bathing too much can actually hurt you. Water that is too hot can further irritate skin, so shower and bathe in moderately warm water only. As the American Diabetes Association mentions, you should also stay away from bubble baths since the extra soap can dry out skin.

Be careful of what products you use when you are in the shower; remember what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body!  Choose soaps and shampoos that are mild, free from harsh chemicals and have moisturizing properties.

Smart Diabetes Nourishing LotionRemember, as the largest organ in your body, it is important to keep your skin safe and healthy.  Taking care of your skin will help minimize your risk of diabetes related illness and keep you feeling your best.

Always choose products that are natural and nourishing, not all body care products are made equal!  Click here to learn more about our nourishing Smart Diabetes Oatmeal & Goats Milk Lotion.


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