A Different Approach: Why Do I Struggle to Gain Control of My Diabetes?

When we started Smart Diabetes Solutions in 2015, I set out to help people who were struggling with managing their diabetes and weight move toward a healthier way of living. After working and talking with thousands of people with diabetes over the last four years, I was able to help people put their type 2 diabetes into remission (completely come off medications and get their A1C to normal range.)

But I wasn’t able to help everyone. I looked back and wondered, why is it that some people had outstanding results, while most fall back into old ways?

What I realized is that they key to overcoming diabetes starts and ends with the mind.

The people who succeed first and foremost accept the idea that they, too, could put their diabetes into remission by choosing to take back control of their health and becoming defiantly COMMITTED to do what it takes.

The truth is, must of us know what we should and shouldn’t be eating/drinking.

We know that sugary drinks and carbs spike blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain.

We know vegetables and exercise are good for us.

We know that portion control is important in managing weight.

So why do we continue to give in to the urge to binge eat, grab the candy bar at the grocery store, or order comfort foods at the restaurant when we know this is hurting us? Here is what I discovered:

The number one reason we eat what we do is that it is what we have grown up on.

Combining comfort food with nostalgia provides an extremely powerful burst of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that literally makes us feel good. This is the reason we continue to gravitate towards the same foods through the majority of our lives.

How many times in your life have you said, “this tastes just the way my mom used to make it” or “that was my favorite treat as a kid”? As an adult, you are in control of what you decide to eat… which means you can eat your favorite comforting foods as often as you’d like. Most of us stick to the recipes we grew up on simply because it’s what we know.

How do we combat this issue? Why do we make a pot pie or order pizza when we know we know we should be making something like chicken and brown rice with veggies instead? What is holding us back from choosing the healthier option?

Before I answer that, let’s look at another culprit that is working against us.

Our Comfort Zone!

Routines and habits are extremely hard to break. Once we get settled into them, they tend to run our lives on autopilot. Regardless if our daily routines are good or bad, they become who we are. These routines turn into our comfort zone. This is why many of us gravitate back to the things we have always done.

Count the number of times you have tried a new diet, workout program or anything that takes you away from the things you normally do. Now ask yourself how many of those things have you stuck with?

Our minds hate change.

And the more we have always done something the more our minds will struggle to accept a new standard or a new norm. Your mind keeps you in this comfort zone to keep you safe not to keep you healthy. But you already know this, you just maybe haven’t looked at it that way.

Becoming overweight or developing type 2 diabetes doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a relatively long time – months to years – and the degree of physical damage that has been done is based upon how often you have chosen your comfort zone over an alternative.

So what does it take to finally break out of your comfort zone and create a new one?

Well, what we’ve found is that it takes a couple things:

  • Your commitment to reclaiming your health has to be stronger than you desire to stay where you are
  • Long-term support – if you try to do it alone, your mind is going to try it’s hardest to pull you back to where you started. Support and coaching to get you through those moments is key.

This is why today, when working with those committed clients, we provide world-class support to make sure they are held every step of the way to their goals.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Sugar & Caffeine are EVERYWHERE!

Modern day challenges have also made things more difficult. Our minds have essentially been hijacked by sugar and caffeine. Real and artificial sugars have been inserted into just about ALL processed foods over the last 30 years.

It is an absolute fact that sugar addiction is real, and most people don’t realize they have it.

Remember, the release of dopamine in our brains triggers us to want more of that food. Sugar spikes the release of dopamine in an extremely unnatural, leading us to crave more and in turn become addicted to sugar in all forms.

Caffeine is addictive as well, but not in a physically damaging way like sugar. The problem occurs when caffeine is combined with sugar, as it is in so many drinks that are marketed to us today.

Think about the offerings at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. They cater to our sugar addictions by creating drinks like Frappuccinos, which are filled with sugar, dairy, and caffeine. 

At the end of the day, the truth is simple…

  • Change is possible and if you are committed results ARE your future… but you first have to choose COMMITMENT over COMFORT.
  • You are NOT alone if you’re experiencing any of the challenges we just discussed, and you don’t have to go on the journey to reclaiming your health alone.

We know change can be scary. But the progression of diabetes if left un-checked is worse.

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