Is Cinnamon Good for Diabetes?

Is Cinnamon Good for Diabetes?Cinnamon is one of the supplements we get the most questions about, so we decided to dig into the research and find out if it really works.

Before we get into the results, I’d like to start by saying that at Smart Diabetes Solutions, we are firm believers that diabetes can be successfully managed through healthy habits and nutritious foods and ingredients. We have shown this time and time again through our 21 Day Jumpstart Challenge and Complete Wellness Membership’s countless success stories.

However, we realize that sometimes it’s not possible to consume all of the foods and nutrients that can help your body keep your blood sugar numbers in check on a daily basis. And because of this, your blood sugar levels may fluctuate in and out of healthy range.

The importance of keeping your blood sugar levels within a normal range cannot be overstated. The more often your blood sugar levels are elevated, the more damage that imbalance is causing on your body. So if you are still working on adjusting your diet to ensure your blood sugar levels stay where they belong, we suggest giving yourself an extra boost to push your blood sugar levels in the right direction.

We get questions about supplements and vitamins from our readers and 21 Day Challenge participants several times a week. We warn against seeking out “quick-fixes,” as we know that a single supplement or medication cannot successfully solve health problems. Without taking steps to adjust your lifestyle, these things act as a band-aid, not a cure.

However, that does not mean that supplements cannot be used to do as their name states; to supplement the successful management of diabetes.

The Smart Diabetes Solutions team spends countless hours researching the best, simplest ways to manage diabetes. Through our research, we’ve found that most supplements on the market are more hype than help… except for a few.

We’ve found that Ceylon Cinnamon has real benefits…

Cinnamon is one of the supplements we get the most questions about, so we decided to dig into the research and find out if it really works.

Ceylon Cinnamon, a specific type of cinnamon, is one of the few supplements we’ve found that is clinically proven to reduce blood sugar numbers as well as some medications. We were quite surprised to find out about the success rate in trials.

If you are already taking steps to transition into a healthier lifestyle, cinnamon might be a great addition to your diabetes management toolbox! Here’s some of the great benefits:

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance is one of the major causes of diabetes. Ceylon cinnamon can dramatically improve insulin sensitivity, meaning insulin can become more effective in managing blood sugar levels in your body, according to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology and Proceedings of the Nutrition Society.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Ceylon cinnamon is clinically proven to lower fasting blood sugar numbers by as much as some medications! (Shown in testing here, here and here.)

Great Health Effects

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants, which help prevent illness and disease. It can decrease inflammation, and is also clinically proven to lower both cholesterol and triglyceride levels!

Why Ceylon Cinnamon?

There are two types of cinnamon; cassia cinnamon, which is the kind you will typically see at the grocery store, and Ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is also known as “true” or “real” cinnamon. It is native to Sri Lanka, and is more difficult to find.

One reason you want to use Ceylon cinnamon over Cassia is that Cassia cinnamon contains 63-times more of a substance called coumarin. Simply, coumarin is a naturally occurring substance that is moderately toxic and may be damaging to your liver and kidneys in high quantities. This is why taking Ceylon cinnamon on a daily basis is the better and safest option.

So just how good is cinnamon for managing diabetes symptoms?

According to clinical studies, cinnamon can reduce fasting blood glucose numbers by a whopping 10-29%! This is after participants took a cinnamon supplements of just 1 to 6 grams for 40 days. It also helps slow the digestion of carbohydrates, which helps to keep your blood sugar from spiking.

If you are looking to lower your blood sugar levels through a natural source, we believe there is no better way than to add Ceylon cinnamon to your daily regimen. By doing this you are going to increase your insulin sensitivity and lower your blood sugar levels. You should see best results when combined with healthy eating and physical activity.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! You can get Ceylon Cinnamon right through Amazon at a great price. Click here to learn more about the best-rated Ceylon cinnamon supplement.

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Hi I’m Kyle Jensen the Wellness Coach at Smart Diabetes Solutions. Through poor eating habits and an inactive lifestyle I put myself in a bad state both physically and mentally. After years of retraining my mind and body I decided to take my newfound understanding of health and help others in their journey. I remember the struggle and how many times I almost gave up. Now I want to help others who are overweight or have Diabetes live a happier more healthy life.


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