Managing Diabetes on the Road: Part 2

Managing diabetes on the road - Part 2
Now that you’ve read part 1 of “Traveling and Healthy Eating,” you know what to bring with you while you travel. Let’s go through some of the best ways to keep your food fresh throughout the journey.

Quick Check List of Storage Items:

  • Small/Medium-size cooler
  • Ice packs/frozen water bottles
  • Plastic/glass air-tight sealable containers
  • Zippered half gallon and gallon bags
  • Zippered sandwich bags
  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Microwave-safe plates

Full coolers stay colder longer, so properly pack the food and ensure the lid doesn’t stay open for extended periods of time. Store foods you’ll eat  last on the bottom and often-used food on top of the cooler. Cold air travels down so always put ice packs/frozen water bottles on top with pre-chilled cans and bottles on the bottom.

Store perishable foods like meat and dairy on top of the ice packs/frozen water bottles. To keep food dry, separate it into sealed plastic containers or zippered bags. If there’s room left, use small, frozen water bottles to fill in open spaces and keep food cold.

Quick and Easy Storage Methods for Salads

  1. After washing and drying the leaves, lay the lettuce out on paper towels, then roll up and place in a plastic bag. Press out as much air as possible and seal/zip it. Store in a cool to cold place like a refrigerator or cooler.
  2. You can also line a plastic storage container with paper towels, add the lettuce (but don’t overpack it) and place a second layer of paper towels on top. Snap seal the plastic container to ensure it’s airtight.

Wrap a Wrap

Pre-made wraps last about a week when wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Start with a whole wheat/grain wrap, add some roasted turkey or chicken and then put as many veggies inside as you like. If you need some added flavor, stick with mustard, hot sauce, and other low-carb, low sugar condiments. If you’re using an ice pack in the cooler, you can use single wrap plastic wrap or aluminum foil. When using ice in your cooler, make sure to double wrap, once with plastic wrap and once with aluminum foil so your food doesn’t get wet.

Keeping It Separate

If you don’t want to eat a wrap and are looking for something similar to a home-cooked meal, use separate containers to store brown rice, roasted meats, and vegetables. This will make them last longer and allow you the option of combinations. Try to use containers and plates that are microwave-safe so you can heat up your meal in hotel and convenience store microwaves.

That’s all for Part 2 – stay tuned, we’ll be posting Part 3 later next week!

Your turn!

In the comments below, let us know if you’ll be implementing any of these tips.

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Kyle Jensen is the Wellness Coach at Smart Diabetes Solutions. After being overweight and unhealthy for too long, he took action and found his way back to great health through natural and simple healthy habits. He now spends his time coaching members of the 21 Day Jumpstart Challenge and Complete Wellness Program.