Client Spotlight: Congrats Shirley C!

Today we’d like to congratulate one of our group members, Shirley Carter. We want to say “thank you” for being a positive part of our community! You have made excellent progress over the last year that deserves to be celebrated.

Read on to get some tips from Shirley’s journey, and get inspired to create your own success story!

Here’s Shirley’s story, in her own words:

diabetes management and weight loss story - Shirley

“I went to the doctor for a routine blood test to check my liver function, as I had high blood pressure and this can affect your liver. She decided to run more tests, but I thought nothing more of it.

A few days later, the results were back, I received a call from the doctor asking me to make an appointment with not a clue that all was not well. I sat down, waiting for the doctor to tell me my test results, and was gobsmacked to learn I was pre-diabetic! I had an A1c of 6.2.

I was told go home, lose weight, and stop eating sugar. I was put on Metformin with no explanation. That was my first experience of a doctor who didn’t care too much. So I went home, terrified, cried my eyes out and thought, ‘what do I do?’

I decided to look into pre diabetes, found Smart Diabetes Solutions and thought ‘why not, it can’t hurt.’ But wow, what a difference it made!”

Shirley’s Results:

  • At 6 months, Metformin was reduced by half.
  • After 9 months, the doctor removed it completely!
  • One year later, lost 3 stones (about 42 lbs) “with very little effort.”
  • Sugar levels are in the normal range.
  • Cholesterol levels fallen into normal range.

Shirley’s Plan & Message:

“My plan? Keep on track! I’d love to lose another 3 stone this year, and I plan to include more exercise to help in this goal.

My message to anyone starting out…. if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!”

We agree… YOU can do this, too!

YOU are in charge of the future of your health, and you can kickstart your results with making the decision to make one small change today!

Start here, with our free training that will help you see past several myths that are standing in your way, and show you what REALLY works when it comes to managing your diabetes (and our real goal for you…putting diabetes into remission.)