Why Over 90% of Diets FAIL (And What To Do Instead)

Why do diets fail?It seems that wherever you look, there’s a new diet claiming to solve your health issues like magic. While diets can absolutely help you lose weight quickly, they unfortunately don’t work in the long-run. Did you know that 90-95% of people who go on a diet gain the weight back or more within 5 years?

This unfortunate statistic is one of our biggest points of inspiration here at Smart Diabetes Solutions. That may sound strange, but we use this as a guide of what not to do! So today, I want to show you our method for making sure you get the results you want, and that they last for life.

Before we get into how, let’s look at why 90% of diets fail:

  • Diets generally deprive you by eliminating certain foods you have strong relationships with (bacon or ice cream, for example). This is one of the top reasons people “fall off the wagon.” Going cold turkey is an extremely challenging if not impossible way to make lasting changes.
  • Dieting is temporary. Creating a weight loss goal linked with a timetable creates a situation where you can easily find yourself off pace with the plan. When this happens, people often chalk up the diet as a “failure,” quit, and try another “diet.” This is usually why people who diet will end up trying multiple types of diets and go through “yo-yo” weight loss.
  • Some diets require too much time commitment. Most people are on the go and don’t have a lot of time to do the meal prep or cook for an hour and a half each day. Those of us accustomed to very busy schedules don’t have the time to weigh foods, count calories, and cook complicated meals.
  • Diets restricting calories are extremely bad for your metabolism. Consuming calories, in part, boosts your metabolism. You must keep your metabolism running at a high level if you’re going to burn calories throughout the day. Diets that are highly calorie-restrictive can actually slow your metabolism and your weight loss.
  • Dieting or eating right is only part of the equation for weight loss and management. You must add physical activity to your daily regimen if you’re to successfully keep weight off long-term.

As you can see, many diets ignore many important human needs! So the question now is what do you do instead?

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle You Love on Autopilot

If you’ve been following along with us, you may already know that we focus on a series of gradual transitions and habit building.

Just like you didn’t develop diabetes overnight, you won’t create the perfect lifestyle overnight. What created your current health condition has a lot to do with your “operating system,” or the system of habits that happen on autopilot on a daily basis.

Part of our philosophy is that by gradually swapping out unhealthy habits for positive ones, you will be “re-coding” your operating system so that the healthy habits now take place on autopilot.

This method allows you to swap out your bad habits for good ones slowly so that you don’t feel the pain of giving up the comfort of your routine all at once, which makes it so much more likely that the new habits will actually stick! No more worrying about “falling off the wagon” – this method gives you confidence in knowing that by simply relying on your healthy habits, you will continue to stay healthy and feel great.

We also believe that a support system is one of the most important factors in your success.

According to a study from John Hopkins University, 90% of people with a life threatening illness who made healthy lifestyle changes would revert back to their old lifestyle within 12 months without peer support.  However, those studied with life threatening illness who were supported by their peers had an 80% chance of reaching their goals and making them stick! That’s huge!

This support system has resulted in some pretty amazing results for our clients.

The support factor plus the gradual transition method is what is going to help you create great habits that stick and actually control your diabetes and health in the long-run.

So, if you are ready to commit to REAL, lasting results and begin healing from the inside out, start here, with our free training. It will help you see past several myths that are standing in your way, and show you what REALLY works when it comes to managing your diabetes.


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